​Keep rolling this fall with BIKETOWN.

Autumn is here for real! The leaves are falling, decorative gourds are everywhere and pumpkin spice flavored anything is sounding more tempting by the minute. Here at BIKETOWN we want to keep your wheels rolling safely as the nights get longer.

BIKETOWN is built with safety and convenience in mind. Our bikes are brightly colored and offer 360° reflectivity. The upright riding position is very stable, providing great visibility and a balanced ride. Integrated lights, front and rear, make sure you’re being seen and full fenders will keep you clean and dry. The basket up front easily stows your bag and is perforated so it won’t fill with water when it rains. Finally, no chain means no messy pant legs and our waterproof saddles save you from a soggy bottom with just a quick wipe.

Pro Tip: Carry a handkerchief or small ‘pack towel’ with you to quickly dry off a damp saddle.

Whether you’re riding BIKETOWN or your own bike here are our top 3 tips for fall riding in Portland.

1. Lights and reflectivity - In the visibility game nothing beats a reliable light and reflectivity. A white front light and blinking red rear light, standard on all BIKETOWN bikes, making it easy to be seen by other road users while cruising the streets and bike paths. Reflective gear comes in many shapes and sizes, stickers, plastic velcro pieces, leg straps and helmets. Our friends at Nutcase use reflective fabric straps and badges on every helmet they produce.

2. Stay bright and dry - Go for bright, waterproof outerwear and accessories that feature reflective material. Our partners at Showers Pass seamlessly blend fashion and function to offer high quality waterproof and reflective jackets, vests, pants, and gloves to keep you warm, dry and visible.

3. Slow down and stay clear of obstacles.

a. Wet leaves make streets deceptively slippery. Try slowing the pace, steering through corners a little wider and avoid braking while turning.

b. Wet manhole covers, rail tracks and storm drains also get slick when wet, so try avoiding these (when it’s safe to do so).

c. During heavy rains storm drains can become clogged creating large puddles. Despite the natural temptation to splash right on through, we suggest you avoid puddles whenever possible as they often hide potholes, branches or piles of leaves.

Remember, BIKETOWN is perfect for one way trips this time of year. If the weather looks good for a lunch ride, grab a bike and go! Clear skies in the morning? Commute to work on BIKETOWN and take TriMet, Lyft or ReachNow home.

Stay tuned for more from BIKETOWN this fall and winter and please continue to share your riding stories and pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!