ride here to cool off this weekend

It's hot! Take a short bike ride to one of these fun and iconic spots in your neighborhood to cool off.

Southeast - The Dock under the Hawthorne Bridge got a new surface that's not so slintery and a ladder at the end to climb out after your cannon ball!

Lock up at the SE Clay & Water Ave station and walk toward the river.

Photo: @ridetrimet

(Update: Keller Fountain is currently closed. We'll update this post when it's open again. Another great spot in SW is Poet's Beach!) Southwest - Keller Fountain is an iconic work of landscape architecture but it's the 13,000 gal/min coming off the falls that will cool you off.

Lock up at the SW Market & Keller Fountain Park station on the corner.

Photo: Gabrielle Noack

Northeast - The Kennedy School soaking pools are a true gem. After a refreshing soak you can grab a beverage and catch a movie too!

Lock up at the NE 33rd & Jarrett Community Corral out front.

Photo: @portlandtinyhouse

Northwest - Jamison Square Park is an oasis in the Pearl District with shade trees and a fun waterfall feature.

Lock up at the NW Johnson & Jameson Square station across the street.

Photo: Debbie Hanson