Unlock Biketown, Unlock Portland 

Tips and Tricks for using BIKETOWN more easily, more often.

Portland is an amazing place to live, to visit and to explore. Your bike share system is a great way to see it. While most folks choose to enter their account number and PIN by hand when unlocking a bike we'd like to share three tips for getting going quickly, easily and more often.

1. *NEW* You can use your TriMet Hop FastPass to unlock BIKETOWN now!

Learn how here.

2. Use a BIKETOWN key card, available at any of our kiosks. They are free to annual members and $2 for anyone else. The key card allows you to bypass entering the initial 6-digit account number and skips directly to entering your PIN. Simply hold the card over the keypad.

3. Take advantage of the BIKETOWN Bonus! This program rewards you for bringing a bike to a specific station that needs more bikes. You may already return bikes that have been parked away from a station to get the $1 credit. Now, at certain times of day, a trip from a station to a Bonus! station will get you the same $1 credit.

4. Full or Empty stations can be a drag but don't fret! If you arrive at a full station, look around for the closest bike rack. Most are marked with an orange 'BIKETOWN Parks Here Free' sticker and sit within the geo-fenced BIKETOWN station area. Empty station? Check the BIKETOWN App for bikes parked at nearby racks, out-of-hub. If you find one, just walk up and check it out like you normally would. Return it to a station for a $1 credit!