Changes to BIKETOWN for All

We’re updating pricing and eligibility criteria for BIKETOWN for All members

BIKETOWN for All memberships help us make cities more sustainable and accessible. We’ve seen incredible growth over the last two years.

In order to offer a low cost program to our members, we’re changing the monthly ride credit amount and updating our eligibility criteria.

***Existing BIKETOWN for All memberships continue until the end of their annual term.***

What’s changing

$10 monthly credit (previously $7)

  • This credit covers ride time and out of station parking fees.

  • The out of station fee is not applicable in the Super Hub Zone east of 72nd Ave.

  • Bad parking fines will still be the responsibility of the member and are not covered by the monthly $10 ride credit.

  • Your $10 ride credit renews monthly. You do not roll over unused ride credit to the next month.

New per-minute fees

  • Starting June 11, all BIKETOWN for All trips will increase from $0.00/minute to $0.05/minute.

  • Your $10 monthly ride credit provides 200 minutes of free ride time, assuming you end every trip at a station or park in the Super Hub Zone.

  • Avoid $1 out of station parking charges by parking at BIKETOWN stations (or at bike racks in the Super Hub Zone east of 72nd Ave).


  • FAFSA eligibility will be limited to Pell Grant recipients.

  • TriMet Honored Citizen card holders will be limited to those with qualifying incomes.

  • These eligibility changes will take effect starting May 30th, 2024 for all future B4A membership applications.

Want to earn extra credit?

Join Bike Angels to earn ride credit from rides that end at most BIKETOWN stations. Click on “View Profile” in the BIKETOWN app to join.