Free BIKETOWN Rides Earth Day Weekend!

April 22-24 all ride fees for trips 60 minutes or less will be free.

It’s a free BIKETOWN weekend! Celebrate Earth Day with BIKETOWN and a friend.

Earth Day is an opportunity to consider making a change, big or small, in how you do everyday things.
This weekend, consider taking a trip by bike that you may have used your car for. Heck, it's free.

Just download the app and go!

Remember, it’s not the Wild West, so please park responsibly and keep bikes within the service area. Penalties still apply.

In the past year we have installed 22 new BIKETOWN stations that incorporate Nike Grind, a recycled material from footwear manufacturing scraps.

PBOT kept up the recycling trend and found a home in Canada for our retired 1.0 bikes. No small feat but the right thing to do.

And you all (about 50,000 riders) took 357,000 trips in 2021. Some just for fun (we hope they're all fun) and quite a few that probably replaced a car trip.

So, we recycled some things, we grew our service area so more of you can access it and we replaced some car trips with bike trips. We'll keep looking for ways to make changes in how we do everyday things and we hope you will too.

It's A Free BIKETOWN Weekend