Checking In On Bike Month

Free Trips And Free Parking All Month Long Mean Big Numbers To Kick Off The Riding Season!

We're halfway through the month of May, National Bike Month and, in Oregon, the annual Bike More Challenge.

We began the month with a very special promotion; free rides up to 90 minutes/day and free parking in the system area all month long. We knew it would be popular with locals as they take the majority of trips in the city and of course visitors have enjoyed it too. Our modest expectations have been blown away!

Looking at the data from the first 14 days of May 8,058 new members have joined BIKETOWN! And 60% of those new members are locals. You've taken 30,238 trips in that two week stretch too, which is a 120% increase over the same time last year. Finally, you set a new one-day trip record of 3,591 rides beating our old record by 20%.

If you like numbers you'll be happy to know we've updated our System Data page through May 14th as a special treat!

As more Portlanders and visitors to our beautiful city choose BIKETOWN every day we are excited to see what the final two weeks of May and the rest of the summer holds.