Portland, we want to see you move!

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, and we’re celebrating Portland’s rich Latino community through movimiento (movement) and the Latino Heritage Month bike. It’s the newest addition to the BIKETOWN Culture Collection and a collaboration between BIKETOWN, Nike’s Latino & Friends Network and the City of Portland.

The colorful design – which was created by Yazmin Rosete (@yazrosete), Graphic Design Assistant for Nike Global Apparel and member of the Nike Latino & Friends Network – will make you want to move! Drawing from the Mexican and Central American traditions of embroidered huipil (clothing) and papel picado (paper banner cut-outs), Yazmin’s bold colors and floral patterns blend beautifully with the dancers, flowers and the occasional chicken bopping around. (How many can you find?)

“For me, movimiento symbolizes a community that chooses to support each other, stay active and keep the good vibes going,” says Yazmin. “I wanted to make this bike a celebration of the diverse music and dance that Latino culture has given the world, and the sense of unity people feel when dancing in a shared space with others. And because Latino heritage greatly values artisanal handicrafts, which are passed down through generations, I also wanted to reference these beautiful crafts.”

As with all the Culture Collection bikes, we strive to honor and reflect our commitment to representation through the photographers documenting these projects. Alex Berber, aka @alexknowbody, provided the product, portrait, event and lifestyle photography.

Keep your eye out for this new design and feel the National Hispanic Heritage Month love and movimiento!