Properly Secured Bikes Are Key

Beginning Monday, April 1st Improperly Locked Bikes May Be Charged $5.

You've probably seen it happen or maybe you've done it yourself. Locking your BIKETOWN bike but not to anything but itself. That's how it's done now, right? It's so convenient.

Unfortunately, while it may be convenient in the moment, it has the potential to create hassles for other users, pedestrians, and our team who are trying to keep the system running smoothly for everyone in Portland.

In an effort to reduce the increasing number of bikes being improperly secured (i.e. not locked to anything but themselves or to things like transit stops or in the middle of one of our bridges) we will be implementing a new two-step process beginning Monday, April 1st.

Each time our team is alerted to or encounters an improperly secured bike, the last user of that bike will be contacted with a warning and information about how and where to properly secure their BIKETOWN bike the next time they ride.

The second, and each subsequent time, that the user improperly secures their BIKETOWN bike, they will incur a $5 fee.

Not enough bike parking where you live, work or hang out in Portland? You can request more here.

Here's a quick clip showing some of the places you should and shouldn't lock your BIKETOWN bike.