BIKETOWN expands service area in North, NE and SE Portland. 

We crunched the data and surveyed the public. Today, we're thrilled to announce our first major system area expansion!

You can view the new service area and find a BIKETOWN station near you on our real-time map.

In North Portland, the BIKETOWN service area is expanding west to N. Gay Avenue and will bring BIKETOWN to the Overlook neighborhood’s main street, N Killingsworth.

The Northeast expansion will extend north to Jarrett Street and northeast to NE 33rd Avenue north of Prescott and to NE 21st Avenue south of Prescott. It will encompass the Alberta Avenue business district along with businesses on N and NE Killingsworth.

This expansion will utilize existing bike parking corrals along Alberta, 15th and Killingsworth. These "community stations" will offer residents and visitors convenient bike parking options for both their personal bikes and BIKETOWN. Users will recognize these stations by the orange "BIKETOWN Parks Here " stickers on the racks.

A satellite expansion is also being piloted on Swan Island around the Daimler Trucks North America campus.

There are two smaller expansions in Southeast Portland as well. The first extends the current boundary east from Cesar Chavez Boulevard to SE 43rd Avenue and 44th Avenue between SE Alder and Harrison. The second includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods main street district south to SE Franklin between SE 17th Ave. and the Willamette River.