The Rip City Rider

The Trail Blazers are on a roll, so let’s roll with them!

We couldn’t help ourselves. In partnership with the Blazers and our title sponsor Nike, we’ve created three limited-edition Rip City Rider bikes that will rally fans to show their love for the Portland Trail Blazers!

Why three? Because three is the magic number that got us here. Three-pointers have rained down all season, and while the Trail Blazers are making it rain on the court, you can make it rain for safer streets in Portland. Every ride on the Rip City Rider bikes between now and May 31 will earn a $3 donation, up to $3,000, to The Street Trust, whose youth education programs teach kids to ride safely and whose advocacy makes our roads safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The bike design is classic Trail Blazers red, with Rip City logos and symbols blended into the body of the bike. The team’s iconic pinwheel, showing the five offensive players and five defensive players on the court, is front and center on the basket. And it’s all tied together with the “jersey stripes” along the sides of the bike basket.

How do you find these bright-red beauties in the wild, you ask? Use the Search function on the BIKETOWN app. Just type in “Rip City” to see where the bikes are anywhere in town. If you don’t see them pop up, they’re probably on a ride, so check back. These are going to be seeing a lot of miles!

Pssst! Keep an eye out for the Rip City Rider bike debut at Thursday night’s home playoff game against the Denver Nuggets.