Top Ten Stations of 2016

Welcome to 2017! We're well on our way to a stellar year and before we get too far along, we'd like to take a quick look back at an impressive 2016. We launched Portland’s bike share program on July 19th, took over 160K rides, hosted our first Women’s Bike Month, and kicked off BIKETOWN for All in October. It was a busy year, but we’re just getting started!

Today, we'd like to take a minute to look back at how 2016 went by the numbers starting with our top ten most used stations overall (all on the west side) as well as our top ten east side stations.

Portland Bike RentalSW Yamhill at Director Park. Photo credit @parkavenuewest

Portland Bike Rental at NikeSW 5th at Morrison. Photo credit @atlantabike

Portland Bike Rental at Pine Street MarketSW 2nd at Pine. Photo credit @wizbangbar

Top Ten Stations

Since the top ten is all on the west side we thought we would take a look at the top ten east side locations from 2016 as well. Eastside stations tend to be a bit more residential and focus around food and shopping.

Top Ten Eastside Stations

Portland Bike Rental Stations Eastside

Portland Bike Rental at Lardo SE Ladd at Hawthorne. Photo credit @bicycleheadpdx

Portland Bike Rental at Division StreetSE 30th at Division. Photo credit @deeply_rooted

Finally, some end of year numbers to reflect on. This past year 42,951 members took a trip on BIKETOWNpdx. Of those, 2,798 were annual members and 40,153 casual members (using single ride or day passes). They took over 160,000 trips between July 19th and December 31st. In total, they rode over 330,000 miles or roughly 13 times around the earth. Not bad, Portland!

Also, take a look at the BIKETOWN survey report just release by PBOT.