​Why BIKETOWN should be your new favorite rain bike.

There are a lot of benefits to using BIKETOWN in your day-to-day travels around Portland, even when its wet out. Staying active, saving money and making quick trips. Here's how we make it easier for you.

1. We do all the maintenance for you.

2. The lights, fenders and lock are built in so they can't be stolen. Just walk out, get on and go!

3. There's a basket to hold everything you need.

4. You can park it right outside your home* so you don't have to bring a wet bike inside.

5. It's really close to work/school/gym/friends/coffee/co-working space/beer/books/chiropractor/brunch/dinner...

6. You can take it one way! Ride to work in the morning and run home in the evening for a new workout routine. Take it to your afternoon meeting down the street and then grab TriMet to get home. Ride it to happy hour with friends and then get a Lyft home.

7. Finally, freshly salted roads won't mess up your paint job.

The typical trip on BIKETOWN is less than 2 miles. Which trip, or trips, could you change once a week?

*Assuming you live in the service area.