#WomenWhoBike Profile: Annalisa Fish of the We Got To Hang Out Podcast 

All month long we'll be meeting #WomenWhoBike in Portland as part of our Women's Bike Month campaign. Our goal for the month is to get more women biking by providing the resources and support they need to get started.

***Check out the We Got To Hang Out podcast with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney/Filthy Friends hosted by Annalisa (center) and friend Abby, who we'll meet later in the month.***

Name: Annalisa Fish

Occupation: Physical Therapist, owner Endurance PDX

Years in Portland: 3 years (But I’m from the PNW!)

Type of riding you do most frequently: Commuter, weekend adventures

1. Tell us about your first bike and/or a memorable ride.

My first bike was a used Cannondale road frame that I decided to build up from scratch one summer in college. It shifted terribly and the fit was all wrong, but I rode the STP on it and was stoked.

2. What are the opportunities you see for getting more women on bikes in Portland?

From my perspective, getting women confident on bikes is key. Feeling stable, in control of the bike and comfortable is important. There are many bike related resources in Portland, but not all feel approachable. Taking the intimidation out of bikes can encourage more women to ask questions and get comfortable on and around bikes.

3. How are you currently using bikes in Portland? Commutes and rides for fitness/social time. Most days I’m on a bike in some form.

4. What, in your opinion, has BIKETOWN brought to Portland?

An alternative mode of transportation for both visitors and residents. I love exploring the city by bike and it's rad that others have the same opportunity in Portland. I also think it brings more awareness and tolerance to bikes in general in the city.

5. Who is/was a woman that inspired you (to ride)?

When I lived in Austin, my friend Shontell had just stopped racing professionally and took me under her wing. I was super lucky to have her influence as she taught me how to ride safely and be a smarter rider. Some of my best days on a bicycle have been trying to stay on her wheel.

6. What have you done or what are you doing to get more women on bikes?

It's part of my job! I own Endurance PDX, which is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in working with cyclists. I work with women (and men!) daily through physical therapy and bike fits, helping them find more comfort and efficiency on the bike. I also lead a weekly ride in the summer with an emphasis on inclusivity and fun.