Inclement Weather Alerts & Closures

Our members are a hearty bunch with a couple of hundred rides in the snow storm last week! After all the design, as we've noted before, offers an upright riding position for great visibility and stability.

In the event of an ice storm that creates dangerous, slippery road conditions BIKETOWNpdx may, in the interest of safety, decide to close some or all of the stations in the system. We will alert members to these closures via email, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

It doesn't happen often but, if we have a heavy snow fall, an item of concern is the accidental destruction of delineators, bikes, and other station infrastructure due to poor visibility while plowing. In this case BIKETOWNpdx will identify on-street stations along snow routes that are deemed ‘at risk’ for incurring plow damage and plow accumulation and remove bikes from these stations.

Stations taken out of service will be removed from the system map.

If you had purchased a day pass that you weren't able to use due to an inclement weather shut down we are happy to refund your purchase. Please contact to let us know.