BIKETOWN for Business

Offer your employees a convenient transportation option for their commute or getting around Portland.

BIKETOWN for Business program is an easy way to get your employees where they need to go! Workplaces across Portland offer subsidized Annual Memberships to employees as a wellness, transportation, or recreation benefit.


BIKETOWN for Business memberships include an discounted usage fees in a 12-month period. Pay only for the members of your organization who join through your account (minimum of 10, payable upfront).

Tier 1$75 / membership$0Member
Tier 2$40 / membership$40Member

The employees are responsible for any usage fees that are incurred.

Getting started

When you’re ready to join the Bike for Business program and have secured the internal approvals and budget to enroll your workplace, please complete this enrollment form.

Enroll your workplace now

Help us get your company enrolled! If you are an employee and would like to share some information with your HR department or Employer, pass along this URL:

Our team is available if you have questions about setting up a new BIKETOWN for Business program or questions about your current program. Please contact us at:

If you’re unsure if your employer is currently enrolled in the program, you can check the list here. Your HR department will have the necessary program code needed to sign up if your employer is included within the dropdown list.


Employee eligibility

To access an organization’s special rate, employees will sign up using a password protected registration page. For enhanced validation, we can require employees to verify their work-issued email through the registration process.

Existing BIKETOWN members

Employees that are existing BIKETOWN members can take advantage of your organization’s subsidized rate.

  • If an employee signed up for a membership within the past 14 days: We’ll transfer them into your company’s program. Please have the individual reach out to BIKETOWN's Customer Service for assistance.

  • If the employee has been a BIKETOWN member for more than 14 days: They can take advantage of the subsidized rate when their membership comes up for renewal if they are still an active employee at the time of renewal. Follow the renewal instructions.

Employee termination policy

When an employee leaves the company, there is no action required by the program manager. Their BIKETOWN annual membership is good for a full year, even if the employee leaves your organization before the subscription is up. You will not receive a refund or prorated amount and the employee will be responsible for their own renewal.

Sign up and renewal instructions


  1. Log in to your BIKETOWN account at

  2. On your profile page, click "Join and save"

  3. Click the hyperlink for "Student or Corporate Discount"

  4. Enter your company's program code (provided to you by BIKETOWN) and work email

  5. Follow the remaining steps to complete purchase

Members who are no longer eligible for the subsidized rate have the option to renew at the standard member rate, and Employers will not be billed.

Sharing memberships

Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be shared among users.